Planning for an indoor event

While planning for an indoor event is much easier than an outdoor event, things can still get messy. Sure, you don’t have to worry about the weather but there are plenty of things to be dealt with indoors as well. That is why we have put together these few tips that will take your indoor event planning less stressful!

#1 Budget

Before you start anything, know your budget! You need to know what your full budget is and then, according to that number, divide it into smaller portions for specific things such as the venue, suppliers, extra costs and so on.

#2 Choose a location

You must look for a location with your budget in mind. Try not to go over budget when renting a venue because that can hurt other aspects of the planning process. The right location should not only fit your budget frame but also be convenient for the guests. Consider where most of your guests will be coming from and find a location that will be most suitable for them, while still making sure the venue is right for the event.

#3 Consider capacity

There is nothing worse then renting a venue and figuring out it’s too small when it’s too late. Therefore, make sure to figure out an estimated number of guests and find a venue that would be able to have that many people.

#4 Layout

When choosing the venue, make sure to look at the layout of the facility. Keep in mind the important questions such as whether you will need a VIP area or will you need separate areas for different groups. With that in mind, once you have chosen the right venue, make sure to plan how to efficiently use the layout.

#5 Check the facilities

One of the most important things when planning an indoor event is to consider the facilities of the venue. Check the restrooms to see if they are functional and clean for your guests. Also, consider your guests’ needs and look for a venue that has storage facilities where people could leave their bags safely.

#6 Choose the suppliers

Choosing the suppliers is crucial for indoor event planning, as you will need the props, food and decorations in place. Make sure you research your options and meet with the suppliers in advance to plan everything in person.

#7 Planning the contents

Now that you have the venue and all the details in place, you need to plan how your event will play out. What will be happening, what your guests will be doing, what you have to offer them and so on. Figure out how to keep your guests entertained at all times, which is what your event’s success depends on.

#8 The date

Finally, set the date of your event and start notifying the invites or marketing if your event is public. In that case, decide what the admission is going to be, whether the entry will be free or with pre-bought tickets or even paid at the door.

With all those details set, your indoor event should be good to go! Remember, always consider the safety of your guests and make sure they are entertained!